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St. Johannes Lutheran Church continues to partner weekly with The Navigation Center, a Charleston's East Side non-profit. The Navigation Center walks alongside its clients, hearing their stories and needs, and then does its best to connect the individuals and families with other local non-profits that can assist with their needs. Think about the Navigation Center like Google Maps for your situation. If you're without a home, they'll direct you to a housing agency that can help. If you need more money to pay your bills, the Navigation Center makes some calls. Whatever people need in downtown Charleston, the Navigation Center can help them navigate their next steps. 

St. Johannes has a member who regularly serves at the Navigation Center weekly to impact the community on behalf of the church. Tom Pinckney loves this work. His enthusiasm and inspirational stories will convince anyone that this is God's work. 

The couple in the picture received his counseling and the help that the Navigation Center could provide. Every week, people are being helped right in our neighborhood.