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St. Johannes Lutheran Church and the Navigation Center collaborated to assist a local family in need. The family, consisting of a woman and two children, faced challenges exacerbated by language barriers. 

Upon discovering that $300 was required to prevent the imminent disconnection of the family's electricity, efforts were swiftly initiated. The Navigation Center promptly pledged $200 towards this urgent need. Additionally, it was proposed that the church contribute the remaining $100 to address the shortfall.

Fortunately, the woman secured employment, ensuring a more stable financial future. With an hourly wage of $12.50 and occasional overtime, she could cover the remainder of her nearly $1000 bill. Despite communication barriers hindering direct interaction with the family by our St. Johannes volunteer, the Navigation Center assured us that they were indeed a kind and deserving family.

Through the combined efforts of St. Johannes Lutheran Church and the Navigation Center, immediate relief was provided to the family, underscoring the community's commitment to supporting those facing adversity.

Additionally, we were able to help another woman. A woman who is disabled came to the Navigation Center for help. Despite her disability, she is eager to work and is actively seeking employment opportunities that accommodate her condition. At 35 years old, she relies on a walker for mobility. Her main challenge currently is reactivating her phone service to address food stamp inquiries. Maintaining an active phone line is crucial for receiving food stamp benefits as they conduct periodic check-ins via phone. She requires $52 to reconnect her phone, and we have agreed to cover this expense through church funds.