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In a heartwarming demonstration of community spirit and compassion, the people of St. Johannes Lutheran Church recently came to the aid of Miss Linda, an elderly woman from Florence, SC, facing significant health and housing challenges.

Miss Linda's ordeal began when she was hospitalized in Florence for a colostomy procedure and subsequently diagnosed as an insulin-dependent diabetic. After her discharge, she was sent to a rehab facility in Mt. Pleasant, with Medicare covering her stay for 30 days. However, at the end of this period, Miss Linda was discharged without proper arrangements for her ongoing care. The rehab facility directed her to The Navigation Center, mistakenly believing it provided housing for the needy.

Unfortunately, The Navigation Center does not offer housing. Miss Linda arrived with no place to stay and no instructions on managing her colostomy bag or administering her insulin. The medical providers at The Navigation Center promptly addressed her immediate health needs, but the center lacked funds to support her other essential requirements. As a temporary solution, they secured a motel room for her and located a relative in Florence willing to offer her a home.

Learning of Miss Linda's plight, the church community mobilized to provide the necessary support. They arranged for her motel expenses to be covered and secured a bus ticket to Florence, ensuring she could safely reach her relative’s home. Miss Linda will return to her family and get the support she needs because of St. Johannes—just another example of what Jesus Christ is doing for people through the generosity of church members.