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After noticing that hundreds of people walk past the church office entrance on Anson Street every day, often with dogs, Amy Bifano and Pastor Aaron had an idea: a simple dog bowl filled with fresh water and a canister of dog treats.

"One way we can minister to people in our neighborhood is to minister to their pets. A simple water bowl and treats on a hot day are a welcomed sight for owners and best friends alike," says Pastor Aaron DeBenedetto, the pastor at St. Johannes Lutheran Church. "We believe that in simple acts done in love, Jesus breaks into the lives of those around us and makes things a little brighter. Pointing to Christ isn't always a grand gesture. It's the simple and thoughtful things that impact people the most."

Pastor Aaron and Amy Bifano hope their gesture will lead to new relationships between the church staff and community members. If you're in the neighborhood, bring your dog! The drink and treat are on us!